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Winter Storm To Hit Northern Iowa With Heavy Snow Friday


A winter storm will bring heavy snow and gusty winds to northern Iowa on Friday. For your complete detailed zones and area forecasts, read on, including the detailed ISC models embedded…

A strong pacific storm will move out of the Rockies later tonight into the state of Iowa on Friday. This will be our first winter storm of the season and it will start with light to moderate snow across northwest Iowa by Friday morning. Dry air may inhibit some areas to see snow reaching the surface until mid morning but regardless expect a high chance of snow on your Friday. Snow and mix should begin further east across central and eastern Iowa by later in the afternoon. I have issued a Winter Storm Warning/Winter Weather Advisory hybrid for this event. It states that heavy snowfall will be likely in the warned areas Friday afternoon into Friday night where the heaviest snow accumulation is expected with this event. Snowfall accumulations can reach 1-2″ per hour in the afternoon to early evening and during the period gusty northeasterly winds will be in place so some blowing of snow will lead to reduced visibility. Total snowfall accumulation of 6-12″ likely in the warned area. In the advisory area you can expect gusty winds as well but only 2-6″ of snowfall accumulation in those areas.

Areas further south across central Iowa may receive a mix and light rain across southern Iowa but a dry slot will be in place in these areas so minimal precipitation is expected. Snow will come to an end across northwest Iowa late Friday night into the early morning hours of Saturday, central Iowa by Saturday morning and eastern Iowa by late Saturday morning. For more detail on how much snow and wind, you can view the snow and wind models below.

Iowa Storm Center Snow Model –

Iowa Storm Center Wind Gust Intensity Scale –

Level 6. Damage may occur to buildings and trees. Do NOT recommend traveling in this zone.
Level 5. Some trees are broken, building damage possible. High Profile Vehicle Roll-Over Likely. HIGH WIND WARNING CRITERIA
Level 4. Slight damage may occur to trees/buildings. High Profile Vehicle Roll-Over Possible.
Level 3. Small branches may break, walking is difficult.
Level 2. Large trees sway, becoming difficult to walk. WIND ADVISORY CRITERIA
Level 1. Small trees sway, breezy

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