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Winter Storm To Bring Heavy Snow New Year’s Day


A strong storm system will impact some of Iowa on New Year’s day. The ISC snow and wind models are included so read on for the details…

A potent pacific storm system will work into the plains by the weekend bringing the risk for accumulating snow and gusty winds on New Year’s Day. We do have patchy dense fog across the central and southern part of the state this afternoon and I would expect this to clear out by midnight tonight shortly before the system will arrive. Snow will start to increase across western Iowa as soon as early Saturday morning and quickly spread east into central Iowa by the middle of the day. This system is not starving for moisture so you can bet on decent snow amounts with the heavy snow zone found across extreme southern Iowa, generally south of the Interstate 80 corridor. Snowfall amounts will be the highest across the south central to southeastern part of the state with less amounts further north. Due to plenty of moisture available with the system I did use a fair snow ratio for the snow forecast which is below. In addition to the snow risk, strong northerly winds will be included with level 2 gusts on my scale so some blowing of snow will be likely.

A high pressure across the northern plains will lead to a sharp cutoff on the north side of the event which means that areas across northern Iowa can end up with very little to no snow with this storm system. Make sure to look at the forecast radar below for timing on the event depending on your location. We should see snow come to an end across the state early Sunday morning. The snow and wind models are below.

Forecast Radar Valid Saturday through Sunday AM –

Snow Risk – Updated at 7:30 AM on 1/1/2022

Iowa Storm Center Wind Gust Intensity Scale –

Level 6. Damage may occur to buildings and trees. Power outages possible. High Profile Vehicle Roll-Over Likely. Do NOT recommend traveling in this zone.
Level 5. Some trees are broken, building damage possible. High Profile Vehicle Roll-Over Likely. HIGH WIND WARNING CRITERIA
Level 4. Slight damage may occur to trees/buildings. High Profile Vehicle Roll-Over Possible.
Level 3. Small branches may break, walking is difficult.
Level 2. Large trees sway, becoming difficult to walk. WIND ADVISORY CRITERIA
Level 1. Small trees sway, breezy

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