Home Latest Forecast Strong winds and colder temperatures tonight into Monday.

Strong winds and colder temperatures tonight into Monday.


A cold front will bring strong winds and cold temperatures later tonight so read on for the details…

A cold front will work through the state later tonight bringing strong northwesterly winds and colder temperatures to the state. Wind advisory criteria will be met across much of Iowa on my wind intensity scale. Those that live in the orange shaded zones like Sioux City, Fort Dodge, Spencer and Mason City will have even stronger gusts. Adding to the strong winds, low temperatures Monday morning will be in the teens across northern Iowa and 20s across central and southern Iowa. The strong winds will decrease later in the day on Monday. I am still watching for a chance of snow on Tuesday but this event looks to be more of a nuisance than anything. An additional update will follow some time Monday regarding this and how the rest of the week looks.

Iowa Storm Center Wind Gust Intensity Scale –

Level 6. Damage occurs to buildings and trees. Do NOT recommend traveling in this zone.
Level 5. Some trees are broken, building damage possible. High Profile Vehicle Roll-Over Likely.
Level 4. Slight damage may occur to trees/buildings. High Profile Vehicle Roll-Over Possible. HIGH WIND WARNING CRITERIA
Level 3. Small branches may break, walking is difficult.
Level 2. Large trees sway, becoming difficult to walk. WIND ADVISORY CRITERIA
Level 1. Small trees sway, breezy

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