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Severe Weather Potential Today


The main storm system will hit later today with very strong winds and severe weather so read on for the details…

If you missed yesterday’s update, you can get that by clicking here. I talked about very strong winds, severe weather and light snow to hit the area with this storm system. This is a follow-up regarding the severe weather risk later this afternoon into evening. A strong Pacific storm system will move across the north and central plains today bringing severe weather potential to northern Iowa. Latest guidance would suggest storm initiation to happen around mid to late afternoon across western Iowa. These storms will be booking off to the northeast at a much faster speed than normal which means less time to react to a warning. Today’s event will have a cold core setup with dynamics of shear at 50-70 kt and instability capable of mainly damaging winds. A couple isolated tornadoes will also be possible along the warm frontal zone where strong low-level shear is more favorable. The non-thunderstorm wind gusts will hit as a two punch. The first wave of gusts will make impact in the mid afternoon hours and an even stronger wave behind the main line of severe storms in the evening.

Severe Risk –

Tornado Risk –

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