Home Latest Forecast Pulse of snow to impact some of the state on Saturday.

Pulse of snow to impact some of the state on Saturday.


An area of snow will impact some of Iowa later tonight into Saturday so read on for the details…

Rain will start to work in across southwest Iowa by early Saturday morning and gradually switch to snow as temperatures cool. This system will bring a sharp cutoff on the north side due to dry air. You can expect a situation where the northern part of the county may get nothing and the southern part will get snow. At the moment we don’t feel criteria is being met for any kind of advisory during this event. Temperatures at the surface will be in the mid/upper 20s north to above freezing south, Saturday morning. Then temperatures will warm up later in the morning and through the afternoon.

Snow accumulation will be generally a trace-2″, mainly on grass and elevated surfaces. Due to the warmer temperatures it will be tough to get a lot of pavement accumulation. Snow model below, valid Saturday morning.

Snow model valid 3-14-20

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