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Iowa Forecast: Heavy snow and gusty winds south today…watching for wave of snow late Tuesday into Wednesday.


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We will continue to work snow into the southern part of the state as the day goes on…eventually working toward the highway 20 corridor later this evening. The snow will surpass highway 20 after midnight tonight leaking snow into some of northern Iowa but much of this will be on the light side so not expecting much snow accumulation in those areas. Areas further south like Council Bluffs and Des Moines will be drilled with heavy snow today through tonight where a band of 12″+ of snow will setup seen in my snowfall map below. I do want to make note that due to a high pressure off to the north, we will have a sharp cutoff on the north side of the system which means that my trace-2″ range could be slid south some with time but this will be the going forecast. In addition to the snow we will also have gusty northeasterly winds sustained at 10-25  with gusts 30-40 MPH likely across central and southern Iowa during the storms stay. This will likely lead to some blowing and drifting of snow and greatly reduce visibility.

A second wave of snow will work through central and southern Iowa Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, mainly south of highway 20 and like we talked a few days ago…the snow accumulation with this will be a trace-2″

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