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Iowa Forecast: Discussing snow risk this weekend + watching next week for winter storm potential and colder temperatures.


Video: 4:21

We will have high temperatures in the 20s and 30s today with a southeast wind 5-15 MPH…gusts around 20-30 MPH. Our next storm system will start to work into the area tonight and through the weekend. We will start to increase freezing drizzle across northwest Iowa later tonight into Saturday morning. This risk should branch out into the northern half of the state toward midday on Saturday and at the same time rain will begin across southern Iowa. Eventually all precipitation will switch over to snow later Saturday afternoon/evening with the snow risk carrying into Sunday before coming to an end early Sunday afternoon.

Snowfall accumulations will be the highest across the central and eastern half of the state where an area of 2-6″ of snow will be found and an area across east/northeast Iowa of upwards of 4-8″ for places like Waterloo, Cedar Rapids and Davenport to name a few neighboring towns. Snowfall map will be available Saturday. We are also closely watching late next week for more cold air and snow/wind risks.

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